The Beauty Lies in Choice

I happened upon a quote on FB today:

“RELATIONS: What you had confused with companionship, he had confused with convenience. You wanted to give it, he wanted to take it. You did it hoping he would stay, he did it knowing he would leave. Patience really is a virtue in these instances otherwise fair exchange won’t be a robbery. No way he should accidentally end up on top of you without you deliberately laying up under him first..Be encouraged but more importantly, know contrary to popular belief, you choose who you want love…don’t let them choose you”
~ Kerry E. Wagner

On the surface, for those of us targeted – technically we had no choice – we had no way of knowing we were being targeted.

Sure there might have been ‘red flags’ but for some reason, we dismissed them.

The positive thing about this experience is the wisdom and awareness gained.

With education and understanding we can now move forward and if healing is successful, we will understand the importance of listening to that ‘inner voice’ learn to trust our judgement and use discernment…

Moving forward if we choose, we can own ‘Choice’


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