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Don’t Call Me a Narcissist! The Official Definition.

How do we diagnose?

I was surprised to receive detailed questions about what constitutes clinically diagnosing a person as having NPDO (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Are there a number of armchair therapists out there? Or is living with one so challenging that you search the web for more information? Since I previously posted the “layman’s terms” for behavior that might be common to a narcissistic person, below is the real deal.

It’s important to note that self-diagnosis or labeling others can be a dangerous and harmful course of action, often leading to hurt or false concerns. A professional needs to diagnose an individual (often provisionally), face to face, see multiple symptomatology, with much information gathering – combined with years of experience – to make a determination about diagnosing an individual. This is neither a lighthearted endeavor nor a parlor…

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