Repetition Compulsion

In the process of recovery, we often wonder ‘Why did this happen?” “How did I attract this?” “What made me vulnerable?” While there are many reasons for the whys and hows, in some cases when there have been ‘issues’ in childhood, sometimes as a result of dealing with trauma we repress certain memories and subconsciously block them in order to survive.

One probability is the concept of “Repetition Compulsion.” Sometimes unaware, we attract those who allow us to replay certain UNresolved scripts. This is not a conscious motivation. Oftentimes ‘targets’ share that there was abuse on some level in childhood and/or some trauma.

While most agree no one is immune from those on the spectrum, repetition compulsion is worth considering as a possibility along the path to recovery in terms of how any past abuse may have weakened the radars. Sometimes we believe we’ve healed from childhood wounds when in fact, there is still work to do. If repetition compulsion is part of the mix and the unresolved issues are not adequately addressed, it can lead to the repeating of ‘patterns’…I found another exceptional article on Repetition Compulsion [HERE].  The author has explored the topic in a few posts, if you scroll down towards the bottom you will be led to additional posts where they continue the discussion in a subsequent entry.

Additional Resources on Repetition Compulsion:

The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma


Repetition Compulsion (general explanation – Wiki)


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