13 Feb


Kelli from The Ability to Love pretty much nailed it in terms of choosing to re-direct. In my commentary on her blog I mentioned that this would not necessarily apply to someone new to this whole experience; however, the only way out of this really is to decide you are determined to turn it around, it’s one of those things where there is no walking around it or sidestepping but rather walking through it…

Originally posted on The Ability To Love- Recovery From Psychopathic Abuse:

     There comes a time in recovery when you need to change course, from him to you, from obsessing/studying/discussing psychopaths/psychopathy, to walking your own path, illuminated in YOUR light and not HIS darkness..

Today while perusing posts on The Relational Harm page (Sandra Brown, M.A.-author of “Women Who Love Psychopaths”), I ran across a post she had written earlier today:

“Recovery Tip of the Day: Too much time ‘in pathology material’ can be triggering. Too much chat forum, FB, blogs, books, etc. Remember while you are ‘fascinated’ with the topic now that you understand who they were in the relationship, what harmed you is that we are not wired for pathology. We are wired for beauty. Being with a pathological wrecked your psyche for a reason. Voluntarily being the topic of pathology can have severe consequences. There is a fine line between understanding it ENOUGH to heal from, and camping…

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