Photographer as Witness – Portrait of Domestic Violence*

Take away the tattoos and felony conviction, add a seemingly normal looking guy and a nice house and car, and you have “the boy” in my story(and probably the one in your story, too).

Read the captions: The way this convicted felon treated the woman’s little boy is exactly how “the boy” treated my son when no one was around (other than me). The reasons for the fights with me were the same, too. Acting jealous and hurt because I wasn’t giving him the love and attention he NEEDED. He was jealous of my son and demanded to be put first, before a little 4-year-old boy! (What? You can’t wipe your own ass, asshole?)

Look closely at the images: Pay attention to the rage in the man’s face and his stance. Contrast and compare that to the fear in the…

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