In my ‘creative hub’ (a work in progress) I have attracted a number of poets. Many ‘linear’ thinking folk do not really appreciate the level of thought the creative contributes to so many things in society, and hence I believe many suspect it is a frivolous suggestion when I suggest one lean into the creative. Maybe some doubt creative talent; however, the key in using the creative when healing is not focused on talent or skill but rather a body/mind/heart/soul connection – a tool that is used to enhance expression. There are no rules with the creative…and ANYTHING can be creative…while poetry is not a strength I possess as a skill, although perhaps that in and of itself is erroneous thinking, I truly appreciate the work Kimberly Harding has done tapping into her gifts and using them in order to make the ‘abstract’ (understanding and healing from NPD Abuse) concrete. Please take a moment to visit her page…

Soul Healing Art

Living with abuse is like living in a fairytale- just not the kind where you think a happy ending will occur. Abusers have a way of completely, completely distoring reality. “Reality” is their plaything.

During this experience, you lose hope. You lose a sense of yourself, time, and place. You do not know who you are. But, in small, quiet moments, you may being to realize and understand. It may be a small opening- the light, as I write, of a candlestick- but light, no matter how small, banishes night.

And you will come to see and understand that you have been living in a fairytale land. A land crafted by the Black Night in which up is down and down is up, until you even question gravity. But, do not lose heart. Even a small flicker of awareness, even if you are unprepared to act, is the first step…

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