Food for thought…and it is in looking at the angles objectively…the first part is healing in that when mauled of course there are going to be very strong reactions; however, there comes a time when as we strive to get closer to our essence, our truth, our ‘compassion’ we seek not so much as to re-unite with one who has harmed us, but rather get to a place where perhaps we can call it a draw? (from a safe distance)…over time, continuing to fan flames about what they did, how evil they are, how disordered, WHATever…it becomes counter productive…at some point we experience our own mental, and emotional evolution, we experience ‘grace’ and if we continue to ‘delve’ into the issues we may begin to see that we even have a different view…one that does not deviate from the knowledge we’ve gained so far, but in some ways perhaps the closure comes in recognizing that they are in some respects just as powerless…they did not ask to be born this way, nor did they ask to experience things they were powerless over and hence disorder manifested…but it takes time and a lot of exploration and inner work to get there…see also:


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