Step 4: Exhale

Hearts are often broken, when there are words unspoken

In your soul, there’s answers to your prayers

If you’re searching for a place you know, a familiar face

Somewhere to go, you should look inside yourself – you’re halfway there

~Whitney Houston / Exhale

The experience and the journey involved when recovering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse takes many twists and turns.  In the beginning we were destroyed from the inside out.  For some the abuse was physical, for others psychological and for many a combination of both.  This experience was utter and complete mind, body and soul devastation.  In Stage 4 we exhale; however, that does not mean the journey is complete.

This is a stage where we are able to see the transformation.  Through the process we understand ourselves better, we’ve come to terms with what  has happened and we accept it.  We begin to contemplate the “What Now?” questions.  Some may embark on a new career path, others will begin the journey of being able to dig deeper to reconcile past hurts that might have left them vulnerable and are now ready to face those issues with courage, owning their strength, but more importantly their right to establish boundaries, and demand respect.  Others may find this to be an awakening to matters spiritual.

Wherever the individuals path leads, it is a time for rebuilding with a sense of renewal and wholeness walking in the light with an increased sense of self confidence and empowerment.

In exhaling, we continue along the path of growth and enlightenment and may elect to continue to share with others to help those still struggling, or share with others some of the challenges we now face having survived and dealing with the obstacles of everyday life.  It is at the end of the day a journey that is never ending; however the thoughts are not so much about the Narcissist but more about US and our contributions to our own enrichment, our families, our children, our jobs, and society as a whole.  In exhaling, we contribute to a group of like minded individuals who seek to not only make the world a better place, but to raise each other up in the “Sisterhood” that brings us together through the intimate bond we shared along the way…

This is the stage where we continue to support one another through some of life’s other trials and tribulations…a magic circle of sorts where we can get our thoughts out when things get a little hairy, and we need a little moral support or encouragement…



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