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The goal of this blog is not to reinvent the wheel but to provide resources and support for targets of NPD abuse. I very much respect the individual journey; however, for informational purposes, I’ve compiled information so that one may make informed decisions when it comes to seeking professional mental health treatment.

It is important to understand the dynamics of NPD abuse and have some knowledge under your belt if only so that you can better articulate the circumstances.  I vividly remember the three times I tried therapy early in this journey and knowing NOTHING about NPD and when asked:  “Why are you here?  I could only crawl into a fetal position and cry…”  I coud not even articulate an answer other than: “He had a virtual affair wth a woman on Facebook” when in fact that admission  was so insignificant in comparison to the real damage he did and the symptoms I was presenting to a therapist who had no idea of my baseline.  My lack of education on the topic left me vulnerable for a misdiagnosis – and would have left my CPTSD untreated.  I was unable to secure competent therapy and so I worked on healing myself…although I am not recommending anyone try to do it on their own…there are many slippery slopes in this process a lot comes up and it’s not just about the Narc in many cases…it can be dangerous which is why it’s not wise to play therapist online unless you are one.

If you are going around in circles, STOP.  Please take a moment to review the various articles and sources of information here so that you can begin to understand the dynamics of what has happened to you.  It is useful to read other’s stories of hardship and pain; however, that is not knowledge nor is that education, that is more validation and relating…while you are not expected to obtain a PH.D in Abnormal Psychology, given what our Universities are turning out today, and given the high degree of narcissism even within that industry, you owe it to yourself to arm yourself with knowledge as this will give you more control over your own recovery.

So many in TRAUMA are misdiagnosed as depressed, bipolar, borderline I even think I read histronic in one incident when in fact, it is TRAUMA.  Lack of education in the basics will work against you.  I encourage you to take your recovery seriously.

With that in mind, Narc Raiders presents, several resources on various types of therapy, warning signs of bad therapy and indicators of good therapy…

The aformentioned links to: where you will find a plethora of informational resources in addition to those that have been provided.

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